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Long Term Scripter Needed!

About Us

Hi there! We are Dynamo Development, a small upcoming game development team with two advanced game developers on our team!

The Team
@Adimoneo- Builder
@Lightning_Game27- Programmer & UI Designer

We have posted many pictures on our game, but here is the most recent one:
Game Development Progress

About The Job

We are looking to hire another scripter to help us speed up our game development process and help us make our vision come true. The scripter will need to be experience in Lua coding for at least 1 year. We expect that you communicate well with our development team and are available for at least 1 hour per day!

We are also looking for developers who are genuinely interested in the idea of our game. This can also provide experience for upcoming developers!

If you want details on our game, feel free to PM me, since the idea of the game is a bit private. The general overview is that this game will be a GTA styled game complying with Roblox’s Community Guidelines and with our own unique aspect inputted!


Unfortunately, we are only two 14 year old developers trying to make our dream come true. We offer to provide 30% of all our earnings once the game is released. If the game flops, I am willing to personally pay you $50 (negotiable!). We hope that you will accept this offer and join us!

Contact Us

If you want to apply, PM me here on the Developer Forum!
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading and we hope you will apply! Have a great day!


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