[OPEN] Hiring Longterm Scripters!

Hello, my name is gloows!

  • About the game

Me and my team (Slimed ) are currently working on a game called “Throwing Simulator ” which is basically a game where you throwing different things & get something called “Throws” from throwing stuff and then you can sell those Throws to coins which will make you able to buy new upgrades for example new stuff to throw, jumps (to get to new islands), ranks & faster throwing.

  • Payment

We will be paying in percentages once the game releases, so we’ll set percentages in the group funds system and all funds will be split up depending on how work you’ve put into the game.

  • The team

We are currently 6 people in the team working and the roles that are taken are:

Scripters (3)
Animator (1)
3D Modeler (1)
Builder (me)

  • What you’ll do

If you’re intersted and DM me, I will give you more information regarding what you’ll do etc, but expect to do simulator related stuff.

  • Requirements

Good daily communication
Positive attitude
Can speak English fluently
Open to work with a team

  • Contact

Contact me via gloows#5680 on discord and if you get the job, you’ll be ranked as “Developer” in our discord server & Roblox Group.


I’m interested. Contact me on Discord: Skylexion#1457

Still hiring!

DM Me on Discord if intersted ~ gloows#5680

I’m interested and would like to be hired! If you want my portfolio, I can show it to you! My discord user and tag is: FriendlyBuilder24#2033

Just letting everyone know, I am still hiring, just DM me on Discord.

Still hiring, DM me!

(30 chaar)

Hello! I’m highly interested in this. Added you on Discord: ScriptedIcy#5817

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