OPEN [HIRING] Looking for Scripter [One Piece Anime Moves and FE]

  • About
    Hi, I’m interested in your help to bring the game, “one piece imperial era” by ftghyy back to life. All of the assets will first need to be filter enabled and from there you will be kept on the team for large updates in the foreseeable future. These updates would mostly consist of Devil Fruit powers (magic attacks if you aren’t familiar) and I’ll be updating the visuals map, gui’s, etc later on.

  • You can see the game here: The Imperial Era (One Piece/Fairy Tail) - Roblox

  • Payment
    Payment is negotiable but you would likely want to take a look at the scripts and the size of this project before we negotiate pricing. I’m paying in R$/USD.

  • Contact
    You can contact me on discord at ice#8163 or here on the Developer Forum.

  • Thanks!

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