(OPEN) Hiring - Looking Scripter to help use cross the finish line!

As a Roblox Scripter at Rank Up Studio, you’ll be at the forefront of game development, responsible for creating seamless and engaging gameplay experiences.

Your primary focus will be on our high-intensity food collecting game, where speed, precision, and strategy are key.

The game is 80% done and need you help to cross the finish line!

What’s Needed for you :

  • Map Selector rework
  • Win Reward
  • Shop, Inventory and UI scripting.
  • Bug fixes & Optimizations


  • Minimum 2 years Experience - Showcase your mastery with a robust portfolio of completed Roblox scripting projects. If you’ve released a successful game that will be a plus.
  • Advanced Scripting Skills - Demonstrate proficiency in Lua scripting for Roblox. Knowledge of popular frameworks OOP,.
  • Fast-Paced Game Development - Proven experience in developing and optimizing, debugging scripts for fast-paced games.

You’ll be compensated well, and a % if you choose to work full-time.

Message me on Devforums or Discord: Moten_

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