[OPEN] Hiring [Modeler/Terrain Designer]

About Us

Hello! I’m MrDogMusic. Me and 1 other fantastic developer are creating a game on Roblox. We’re looking for 2 more developers to join us!

We currently have a total of 2 members of the team.
We have a fully mapped out plan on “Trello” - developers are welcomed to join.

Job Description

We’re in need of 2 more developers;

  • 1 Terrain Designer
  • 1 Modeler

Terrain Designer (ROBLOX Terrain | NOT Low Poly)

The terrain designer will be creating a map from terrain. This map will be fairly big to allow players to be able to drive, race and explore the map. More information of sizes, and details will be given. We will need someone who is quite creative and can design a map without needing guidance on every aspect.


The modeler will need to be experienced in vehicle modeling. If you’re good at any other type of 3D modeling too, then that’s brilliant! However, please do NOT contact us if you’re unable to produce high-quality vehicle models, to a similar standard of Jailbreak.

The modeler will also need to be able to export the parts accordingly, so that our programmer will be able to program the vehicle to work.

We would like both developers to be:

  • Active, in both communications and development
  • Mature
  • Experienced in their field
  • Respectful towards each developer and any community members
  • Over 14 years old


We will be issuing each developer with a % share of the game. These are subject to change;

Myself (Co-Owner, UI/Design & Organiser) = 25% ← This includes revenue for future ads
Programmer = 30%
Builder = 18%
Modeler = 15%
Terrain Designer = 12%

We will be investing into this game.


If you’re interested and you meet all of the requirements, please make sure to DM me on Discord, using these credentials: MrDogMusic#8946

If there are any issues with contacting me, let me know via a message on Dev Forums or in the comments.

You must be 14 years+ To apply

Thank you for reading, have a fantastic day :slight_smile:


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