[OPEN] [HIRING] Pho Restaurant | Clothing Designer

About us :question:

Established in 2020, Pho Restaurant is a new and upcoming restaurant. We specialize in the traditional Vietnamese cuisine, primarily pho soup. Our menu consists of mouth-watering broth-based noodle soups, as well as delicious and traditional desserts and appetizers. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted and served by a fellow waiter. From there, your order will be sent to the kitchen, where it will be prepared by your waiter. We focus on customer satisfaction, and suggestions/feedback is super important to us. Our goal is to serve you with an amazing experience, as well as provide with any needs you might have. Should you be interested in working with us, you can attend a training session and rank up. You can also get recommended by our MR team to become a Management Intern!

Important Links :link:

:video_game: GROUP:


:books: HANDBOOK: Pho Restaurant | Public Handbook

The Team :person_in_tuxedo:

@cyphxred - Founder
@RuneSmh - Founder
@AdolescentPotato - Founder
@wxuoves - Founder

@vesriva - President

@camveyy - Board of Directors
@0nlyKxvin - Board of Directors

About your job :hammer:

As our clothing your designer, you’ll be tasked with creating unique and cool uniforms for our group. We will also need merch created, but we will let you express creativity with that. We need the following:

  • Low-rank uniform

  • Management uniform

  • Corporate uniform

  • Leadership uniform


Main_Uniform_Shirt - Roblox
Main_Uniform_Pants - Roblox

Panda Express Male MR+ Uniform [BOTTOM] - Roblox
Panda Express Male MR+ Uniform [TOP] - Roblox

We are looking for something that resembles a tux, however you can be creative with any uniform! So long as they look sleek and professional, we are good.

Payment :dollar:

We are looking to pay at LEAST 700-1,000 R$ per month. The reasoning why this is so low is because we plan to barely order graphics, and our current requests are pretty simple.

Requirements :exclamation:

  • Must be over 13.
  • Must possess Discord.
  • Needs to have good communication.
  • Examples of your previous work.

Expectations :+1:

  • Adaquate communication.
  • Decent time management.
  • Must share progress with us when we request.

UPDATE! :exclamation::exclamation:

We have found someone to fill this position, apologies!

:link: GFX HIRING: [OPEN] [HIRING] Pho Restaurant | Graphics Artist

camveyy and the PR Leadership Team :ramen:

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Can I join With GFX Maker rank ?
I’m From Vietnam
My disc: Zanviorus Ex0S#4660
My ex gfx:

We have found someone to create our clothes, apologies! Do you make graphics? We are hiring a designer. :smiley:

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