[OPEN] [HIRING] Pho Restaurant | Graphics Artist

About us :question:

Established in 2020, Pho Restaurant is a new and upcoming restaurant. We specialize in the traditional Vietnamese cuisine, primarily pho soup. Our menu consists of mouth-watering broth-based noodle soups, as well as delicious and traditional desserts and appetizers. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted and served by a fellow waiter. From there, your order will be sent to the kitchen, where it will be prepared by your waiter. We focus on customer satisfaction, and suggestions/feedback is super important to us. Our goal is to serve you with an amazing experience, as well as provide with any needs you might have. Should you be interested in working with us, you can attend a training session and rank up. You can also get recommended by our MR team to become a Management Intern!

Important Links :link:

:video_game: GROUP:


:books: HANDBOOK: Pho Restaurant | Public Handbook

The Team :person_in_tuxedo:

@cyphxred - Founder
@RuneSmh - Founder
@AdolescentPotato - Founder
@wxuoves - Founder

@vesriva - President

@camveyy - Board of Directors
@0nlyKxvin - Board of Directors

About your Job :hammer:

As our graphics designer, you’ll be tasked with creating graphics for our wonderful group. We need the following things:

  • Game Icons
  • Game thumbnails
  • Group Icon
  • Group logo
  • Menus




Like said, we are a pho bar. We were thinking something with a bowl of soup, and chopsticks? However, feel free to try whatever pleases you! We love to give freedom to our development team!

Payment :money_with_wings::heavy_dollar_sign:

As our graphics artist, you’ll be paid depending on your work. We are looking to pay at LEAST:

  • R$ 1,000 per month, for as long as we need graphics.

Apart from our launch, we aren’t really in need in graphics. Therefore, the number is a little low. However, feel free to negotiate with us!

Requirements :exclamation:

  • Must be over 13.
  • Must possess Discord.
  • Needs to have good communication.
  • Examples of your previous work.

Expectations :+1:

  • Adaquate communication.

  • Decent time management.

  • Must share progress with us when we request.

Interested? :thinking:

If you’re interested in this position, great! Please DM me on Devforum or Discord (cameron; #2381) with your portfolio. Know someone who would be great for this? Tag them and their portfolio in the reply section!

camveyy and the PR Leadership Team :ramen:


Oh there
I give u my Information:
Nationally Vietnam
I know English
I have experience in GFX
I just 14 Age
My disc: Zanviorus Ex0S#4660

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Hello, I’m intrested in working as your Graphic Arist. Also, I’d like payment to be for each commission rather than solely R$ 1k per month as it seems a little unfair. I tried adding you on discord(cameron#2381) but it showed error so add me, Jack#9646 and i’ll send you my portfolio there. Thanks for reading.

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Hi! We set it at 1k per month due to the fact that after our starting graphics, we wouldn’t need anymore for a while. So you’d be getting 1k when we won’t need you, but we can work things out! Also, I added you! :smiley:

If you need a graphic designer/ marketing expert my rates are $15/h (in accordance to California minimum wage).

We are looking to pay in Robux, apologies.

Hello, if you need 2d art, here is my portfolio:

Hi! I’ve sent you a friend request within Discord, can’t wait to work with you!

This position has been fulfilled.

30 chars

Hi, I could make the Game logo

I’m interested! kirsa # 0 0 4 1

I’m interested AmbitiousCorpral#3259

Ps. I work for ReaperAaron (owns a group with 200k members)

Hey there, I find 1k R$ per a month a very small amount considering of what your asking, and how you can just order a ton within that month, making the graphic designer only get like 40 - 100 R$ per a graphic design.

What I’d recommend is stepping it up to like 500 R$ per a graphic design or something.

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