[OPEN] Hiring Professional Ui Designer Starblox Cafe | 80k+ members

Hello I’ve added you ProvenData#3016. I’d like to apply, thanks so much for opportunity and hope to hear back from you! :smiley:

You (automatically) don’t accept friend requests on discord lol.

Add me Red1Monster#3623

I’m interested with modeler job
But I don’t have my portfolio, so here my old work:

But I’m have experience in GFX,so I think I can do better than old
Discord: Zanviorus#4660
Twitter: @Z4VTOL

Hello! I am interested in the Builder Position. Here is my Portfolio: AL4HA_T4NG0

I think they are needing someone with experience that is just a blender tutorial follow video on youtube, correct my if am wrong.

Tbh i thought that was a tutorial too but as i see ur good at critism… Hehe can u check out my post and give ur honest review? If not its fine :sweat_smile: [NOW OPEN] Obevx's portfolio MODELER