[OPEN] UI Artist

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About Me!

Hey there my name is John, I’m a new UI Designer. I’m kinda a jack of all trades. I can do UI the following Ui I did was around in an hour… If you give me a chance I can show that my UI is good. Some of it was also done in a shorter amount of time.


Quick Example

Please keep in mind the ones below were squished due to Roblox squeezing them when uploaded.

Cash - Roblox
Background - Roblox
Background - Roblox
PopUp - Roblox

The Black Sun

Key Simulator

Please keep in mind the renders and such as just holder images till the Devs can change them cause I wasn’t given them.


[CLOSED] UI Designer for Strucid (100K - 200K Robux) - #13 by ProvenData

Please don’t steal anything or claim it as yours, thanks

Games/Groups I’ve Worked For/With


I’m usually available after 5 PM EST on weekdays and all day weekends. I’m having college application exams coming up so I might be a little busy.


We can work out a price for UI in our private DMs, feel free to reach out to me.


Feel free to contact me for any questions. You can contact me here on the Forums, on Twitter @Strongjohnf, or on Discord Strongjohnf#3016.
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Hello. I am interested in your work. I sent you a friend request. I am kypto#2961.

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Hello, me and my team are pretty interested. May you add me,somehow your discord name isn’t working for us. But my discord is ProjectXenoverse#5948

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