[OPEN] Hiring Programmer Partner for Bleach game!

About This Project

Hi there! My name is BaconMarine and I am currently working on Bleach Serenity, a new game based on the show “Bleach”. I really enjoy re-watching the show since it has almost been a decade prior since I first saw it and it is very sentimental and nostalgic to me. Since then I’ve decided to make a high quality game about it. Unfortunately, my scripting abilities are limited which slightly demotivates me knowing that whatever imagination I have for the game is impossible to execute. That’s why I’m seeking out for a programmer to make this game possible.

About The Job

The game concepts I imagine is similar to Blotch. I’m looking for a fairly experienced programmer to work alongside with me on this long-term ambitious project; preferably one who watches Bleach :grin:

Some examples of the things I need for the game are:
-Leveling/Exp System
-Combat System
-Skill Moves

What to expect from me
I am passionate about this project and I spend most my leisure working on this game. I am a fast worker and can make multiple maps/assets in a few days. I am very easygoing and I understand if you’re busy or have things to deal with.

What I expect from you
Little to no maturity is fine. I want this to be enjoyable for both of us. Sometimes my friend and I talk and play games in voice channel on the official Discord server, you can hop in and talk with us or join our games and such anytime you want. There is a channel with everything listed to do for the game. You can tell me if you have any other ideas for the game! Take your time and don’t overwork yourself. I don’t know much about scripting but just do your best!


I’d like this project to be more of a collaborative effort between friends and I seek to making new relationships. I don’t like working with people who rush and only care about being paid.

With that being said, I do value your time and work and I try my best to reward your efforts. Currently, I am offering percentages for the revenue this game generates. I believe a 50/50 split is fair and reasonable since I currently don’t have a lot of funds. I’ll try to get robux soon.

Some Examples of the Game


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or at Discord Sushi#3685
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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