[OPEN] Hiring restaurant builders!

Hello! I am the Owner of Oceanica, an upcoming restaurant within Roblox. We are currently working in our V1 and we are in need of a builder.

What you will be doing
We have a unique and creative concept, we have other things done that are also important for the game but we are missing the most important thing: the restaurant. You will be building the restaurant. I am giving further details via message in case you are interested. We are not a common restaurant, this is important since we are not going to commission something similar to the rest of other restaurants, as I said we have a unique concept and idea. Note: If you are chosen for the job you would be agreeing to a contract that will be displayed to you

I am not paying with Robux but I am paying with money via PayPal, preferably USD. I don’t have any specific budget but I am willing to pay what you consider is worth your work.

You can either contact me via replying to this post in the forum or via discord.

Discord: aleja#8265

Thanks for reading! :smile:


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