[OPEN] Hiring Scripter for Roleplay Game


About Us
Hi! We are a new and small dev team called Insurgent Studio. We are working on our very first game, which is a Five Nights at Freddy’s roleplaying game, where players can become their favourite characters from the series. We have other games planned too, such as Tycoons, Obbys, and even more complex ones like a Dragon Raising game.
Our team is:
DragonessAnimations - Models, Animations, Gui designs
Moonshadow420 - Map building
MidnighterMidster223 - Tester
Lagtrapo - Tester

What needs to be scripted:
-Character shop
-Character select
-Being able to play as the models with their animations
-Custom teleport screen
-Possibly optimize current scripts (GUIs, money system etc)

Currently, we do not have the funds to provide payment. However, you will be given credit within the game alongside our other devs, and as soon as we start making a profit, Robux payment will be sorted out.

Contact Us
I’m happy to take on one or two scripters to help out. If interested, please let me know! You can contact me on discord - DragonessAnimations#4128
Or, join our groups discord and ask there! Discord


Hello! I can work for you as a scripter. Sent you a friend request on Discord.(✧𝙰✧𝙽✧𝙳✧𝚁✧𝙾✧𝙸✧𝙳✧シ#5929)

Are Testers role still open? My discord is Jakee#2344

Scripter we hired had to back out for personal reasons.

I would be a little worried applying for the job because you are taking a copyrighted idea and paying percentage after it releases. If your game gets DMCA’d, I wouldn’t get paid.

I see the likelihood of that happening low, since there are already thriving FNAF Roleplay games on Roblox that have been around since FNAF was made, we are just aiming to make one with our own spin on it, including having original characters and concepts.
If you are that concerned but would want to take part, we can offer a one time payment for setting up the initial scripts.

I don’t think my brother would be very happy as used to be deathly afraid of FNAF but thanks for the offer

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