[OPEN] Hiring Scripters and Modelers

About Us

Hello, I’m agentsergio34, a developer of the MFSX Developer team. We have a variety of games, mainly focusing on military/combat games, like Neo Warfare X, a game with over 600 different vehicles with many different genres of vehicles that feature interactive combat systems. Neo Warfare X is the sequel to our original Military Flight Simulator X. We also created the game Project Stardust, a space combat game with expansive tech trees of your favorite sci-fi trilogies. We host community events frequently and interact with our community members, and just try to have an enjoyable experience in the community.

Links to our work

Our Group
Neo Warfare X
Naval 1918
Naval 1945


About The Job

Both positions will require a test for knowledge and skill before entering the team. Both positions are full time positions


We are looking for scripters with a minimum experience of 1 year and capable of showing previous work, if you are not able to show previous work, a test assignment is given. We require a broad general knowledge of Roblox Lua and its API’s, with sound knowledge of Server-Client interactions, physics-based interactions/maths, along with the ability to adapt according to what would be required, including being able to learn in a reasonable amount of time the code you will be working with. It may also be needed to work on/with/for GUI’s. Knowledge of external API’s is also a big plus for us.


We are currently looking for modelers who are proficient in Blender or any other 3d modeling software, as well as being able to accurately and with sufficient detail, model from blueprints and freehand what may not be visible on them.

We typically model a wide range of vehicle types from WW1 era Bi-Planes and Sailboats, all the way up to Bleeding Edge Strike Fighter aircraft and Modern-day Warships, and even futuristic spaceships. After some time with the team, you will also be required to learn how to configure vehicles so they can be imported directly into our games.

Examples of what we look for


For scripters, it is very varying depending on the work done and quality of the work, prices can range from 100 to 5k for bug fixes depending on their impact, and 1k to 50k for other work. Depending on the vehicle type and level of detail, we are paying anywhere from 3750 all the way up to 11250 robux per asset created, payable via group funds. We pay after the work has been completed, we do not pay up-front.

Contact Us

Discord: Agent#2338
or you can dm me on the dev forums

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Good luck!


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