[OPEN] Hiring Talented Designers at Brxken

About The Job

Clothing designers must be willing to at least upload clothing at least two to three times a week.

Job Requirements

  • Must have at least 5 months of experience
  • Must be able to design edgy, gothic, or aesthetic clothing

The Team
LastThoughtz - Founder of Brxken
Trizxistan - Representative
xboxonenyc - Clothing Designer


We will be paying 20-40 robux per template/shirt or pant depending on how detailed the design is.

Contact Us

ROBLOX IGN: LastThoughtz
Discord Name: @Alex.#4071

Roblox Group:


Discord Server:

Brxken Representative

I don’t have Discord but I am very interested! Send me a PM for more info!

Portfolio: [OPEN] MissMae15 - Clothing Commissions

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