[OPEN] Hiring (TS) UI/UX Developer ( Scripter / Designer ) (80k + R$ )

Hello, We are ROWGNation, the development team behind “Zombie Task Force”.

Position : UI / UX Designer and Scripter ( combined )


  • UI creation Using Roblox elements and 3rd party software
  • UI special effects and animations Tweening,
  • Scripting entire Gui to work and present effects
  • Script Gui to update with Datastore data
  • Colors, button placement and creativity with art work


  • Create a UI for new game features


  • 10+ hours a week
  • 2+ years of experience
  • Minimum age is 15 to apply
  • Report and communicate progress on a daily basis
  • Professional communication
  • Must show a portfolio with References


We generally pay per asset. $20 up to $200+ or ( 2000 - 80k+ Robux) on larger tasks.
Complete the task and we pay promptly Via Paypal USD. Group has a 2 week payout due to new Roblox ToS.

How to Apply

Please submit the following application below or Discord: ROWG_Leader#3822 or Dev-Forum DM (@ROWG_Leader)

!!Click Now To Apply!!

Please be sure to include your Roblox name, Location time zone, and hours of work available

  • A portfolio showing experience
  • Examples of work and GIFs
  • Previous games you have worked on
  • Any references

Thanks We look forward to Reviewing Applications!

The Game:

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