[OPEN] Hiring UI Designer for Area-27v2


About Us

Hello! Allow me to introduce ourselves. We are a development team working to create a Version 2.0 for a group-owned game which revolves around the “SCP Foundation” which is an online wiki forum revolving around “aliens” or “monsters” which can do different things.

This project is one that has been going on for quite a long time.

The Team

@AdminDillinger - Lead Builder
@ValueChanged - Lead Scripter
@x3fklazomaniac - Secondary Builder/Terrain Designer

The Project

The project if you choose to join is quite long and “complex” so to speak. However, there mainly isn’t that much photoshop or external applications required.

You’ll be required to design the following items:

  1. Main Menu (needs to be a surface UI, similar to that of Dying Light).

  2. Loading Screen (would show various renders (placeholders for now) while the game is loading, have a loading icon, etc.)

  3. Respawn screen. (this screen would have a countdown, “respawn now” button, and a witty quote).

  4. Shop screen. (wouldn’t be that much, and would be quite basic).

  5. Radio interface. (shows messages sent by the user, has 2 channels, and has other functions and notifications that can be sent through)

  6. Custom Leaderboard (self explanatory, references provided).

  7. Event Shout UIs (would drop down, scripter would make it play some tween, and make it noticable).

  8. Morph UI. (comprised of multiple “check boxes” with different options you can check and uncheck).

  9. Settings UI. (would have different options such as: exit to menu, sound, etc)

  10. Gun UI (would show ammo count, firing mode, etc).

  11. Vehicle UI (shows speed, etc).

  12. Other UI as needed.


Payment is 100,000 ROBUX after you complete the project. You will be working with out scripter to complete it.

If you want to contact me to join:

Drop you discord tag below.
PM me on developer forum.
DM me on twitter: @CreepySins


I’m interested! Question, do we script the UI’s? Discord: Pixel#0005


No, you are not required to script the UI.

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