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My name is Hokker3 from Romania and I love engineering, especially programming. I have been scripting on Roblox for 3 years and got to an advanced level. I have worked on both small features and whole games previously but right now I only do short-term commissions. This is my portfolio, you can see my previous work, prices, contact, availability and reviews here!

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Previous commissions
  • Path system for NPCs (Random hats/clothes for NPCs) [here]
  • Ordering system for cafe [here]
  • Voting system for map
  • Darth Vader Tool for grabbing people
  • Agar.io physics framework [here]
  • Pet shop
Previous games (scripted only by me)
  • Hat Collecting Simulator

    • Hat system (collecting, raining, selling)
    • Special event triggered by the server selling lots of hats
    • Different regions
    • Hat shop, buying and wearing
    • Basic datastore, rebirths, auto-saving and player saving
    • Twitter codes
    • Gamepass for becoming a magnet
    • Mute audio, multiple songs
    • Benefits for being in the group
    • Global leaderboard

    • Round system (map voting / loading, afk button, score)
    • Football system (controls, ball physics, goals, etc)
    • Basic datastore
    • Spawning eggs for event
    • Twitter codes
    • Skin unboxing and equipping
    • Emotes
    • 3D UIs over the head, also effects
    • Server chat messages
    • Music for maps and voice lines
  • Crimewave

    • UI-Based main menu (camera glides)
    • Advanced datastore (works with skins, attachments, and guns)
    • Player characters posing
    • Buying weapons (voice lines from shop owner, 3d weapons in viewportframe)
    • Cool loading screen (tells you how much of everything is loaded too)
    • Exercising
    • Creating lobbies for heists (setting their access level too, ready button system)
    • Teleportation between places (with transition screens, places themselves aren’t scripted yet)

I can script using modulescripts and multithreading, and as the features above, I have lots of experience with datastores, cframes, vectors, string manipulation, UI, remote events/functions, gamepasses, animations, etc.

Snippet of code written by me:

Feedback of previous people I’ve worked with:

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I am available for troubleshooting and fixing problems all week, during it I can only work one hour due to school and on weekends I can work 4-6 hours

I work during the day so my timezone (UTC+2 or EEST) means that most americans are asleep but this shouldn’t be a problem

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Prices are highly negociable and are proportional to the quality of the asset and the time I spent on them. For security reasons I take half the payment at the middle and the other half when it’s done

My four methods of payment are through group funds that come from sales and are verifiable, gamepasses, paypal, or physically mailing the money to me. I can also take percentages in special cases

All taxes must be accounted for.

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You can contact me here on devforum or through discord at HokkerZiePocker#2546. Please say you are contacting for development purpouses if discord.

Thank you for reading!


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