[OPEN] I will draw your ROBLOX avtar's, and more

Hello! My name is Micah.

First I would like to point out that I got inspired by @Wrvel, who got inspired by @DyIanPickIe, so it’s like an never stopping inspiring chain!

Also, I never really found my place in building, or scripting…

Art has always been my passion, and I never knew I could get paid on ROBLOX to made art…!

Tbh, I just found this post while browsing on the devfourm, today on March 2nd at 1:35 PM.

I have not made any art for Roblox yet… I will upload some, to here ASAP.

I will insert a gamepass soon, that you will buy to pay me.

Anyway, thank you! :+1:

And, thanks to @Wrvel for this wonderful idea! :slight_smile:


how do we contact u by pm? i might hire u once i get robux.

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Also, you are such a great friend, You get your first one free. :heart:



I would hire you, well, if I had robux.
Can’t wait to see what you can achieve in the future!

Bye! :grinning:


I’m glad that I get to see people get inspired. I hope we get to see wonderful artists like you and many others start doing commissions. However, I would give you a piece of advice to just give one example of your art style so others could see how they look like! I can’t wait for the game pass to come out. I wish you a great future here at the DevForum! :happy3:


TYSM. :heart:

I wish ur commissions were still open, I wanna order a drawing!!



Also, because im just starting out, and I need drawings for my profolio, I will make you one for free.


Have a wonderful afternoon/evening/morning/night!



Thanks!! When the there is a place to buy this, I will tell my friend!! :grinning: Have a good rest of your day, too! Bye. :+1:

Edit: one of my friends, leftyjrc needs some art, can you do his please? @hihihdqwdhi

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Already starting! :smiley:


@Wrvel Here is the link! :smiley:


Mhm! Do they have Devforum, or…?

Btw, yes I made the pass!

Pay for a GFX/drawing! - Roblox @Grinch_1978


I love it. Can I get one free please🙂

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They don’t have deforum, but I’m there irl friend so I can just text then it?? Sorry, but neither of us have any robux left. Sorry. Have a good day/night :crescent_moon:!

It’s alright! And, sure just text them! :smiley:

As I have over 3 commissions, I will have to put paid ones first.

@Pure_Bacn is 1st.
@DyIanPickIe. All other commisions are completed.
And, that’s about it.

All orders should be ready by March 13th 8:00 PM, as I have other projects too.

Thank you for all the support!

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Well, if you do have Robux you SHOULD pay, as it is un-fair to me.

However, if you have none at all, I could possibly do it for free.

Also, thank you!!

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Hi! I have bout the gamepass :smiley:


Wonderful! I will put you on my list! :smiley:

TYSM YALL FOR THE SUPPORT. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hey uhh…
When will this be done? It has been over a month now…
Just asking

Hi! Yes, it’s finished.


Forgot to send it. :)))

Sorry, haha!