[OPEN] I'm looking for a scripter for a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure theme game!

I’m R3tr0_Alit0 and I’m looking for a experiences scripter to help us out with a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure related project.

We’re Xper’s Bizarre World Community and we’re planning to be a community that has a item and abilities trading economy system in the community while the game are mostly combat element sided.

Development Team:
@R3tr0_Alit0 - Partial Scripter/Builder/Founder (Support the Development Team with small builds and scripts.)
@Totally_Xper - Partial Scripter/Builder/Founder (Support the Development Team with small builds and scripts.)
@ProGamerResul5566 - UI design
@You - Scripter
@ORlNTHIAN_PLAYZ - Builder/Modeler
@vlad909 - GFX Artist

Your initial works are:
-Write a Stand Abilities and Spec systems that will work and easy to configure. The abilities can be seen in our Trello page.
-Write a function of quests and progress bar that will be already included in a place the group has.
-Make the stats menu work, letting it display your abilities, stats, etc.
-Stand Tier Systems and Random Number Generation depends on your Worthiness.
-Working NPC Dialogue that will give you tasks, missions, etc.
-Tutor me and Xper about how have you done all the systems etc.

Good communication skills are appreciated, thank you.

Payment Method:
We are going to pay the scripter 8000 Robux once the initial works have been completed. The amount of payment is negotiable.

If you stick with us after the initial work has been completed, you will receive the future profits in percentage:

UI design (25%)
Scripter (25%)
Builder/Modeler (25%)
GFX (25%)

You can contact me on Discord R3tr0_Alit0#8773.

-You need to read/watch JJBA from season 1 to 8
-Make sure you’re fine with slurs because ooh boy, you know what’s gonna happen next when you join the Discord.

Our current game progress:

Rigged Models and built tools.
A functioning punching Script

Thanks for reading!

Do you need an animator? If so hmu.

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