[OPEN] Individual Script Jobs, (5k+)

About The Job

I’m looking for somebody, or multiple people, to complete the following tasks: (further information can be obtained upon request)

The game the following items will be used in:


Team Indicator:

One problem that I have in a game I’m making is players mistaking teammates as enemies. As a solution, I thought adding billboardguis or something of the like over teammates’ heads, only visible to the player would be nice. This is similar to that of other games such as Fortnite.

Money Indicator:

Another issue that I have is players not knowing when they receive money in the game. This could be fixed with a gui on their screen, showing their current amount of cash. When their money leaderstat increases, the amount they received as well as a sound effect should pop up somewhere on their screen in a noticeable manner. Preferably through tweening.

Double-Wielded Weapon:

I know this might be too difficult a task for some people, so I’m willing to pay a reasonable sum for this. I already have the weapon in question that needs to be made duel-wieled, all I need is for it to be scripted to be held in both hands of the player, with alternating hands attacking on click.


I’m paying solely through robux, this can be through group pay-out if so desired. The amount you want can be negotiated before you start doing anything, though I’ll need to see some of your previous works. I’m pretty flexible with prices, so if you offer me something I’ll likely agree if it sounds reasonable.

Contact Us

You can contact me via discord ( paratype#5859 ) or through these forums.

Thanks for reading.


Just to clarify, are we picking up from your previous work?

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Ah, yeah, forgot to mention, give me a second.

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from what I understand of dual wield weapons is that its all to do with the animation, I could be wrong however.


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