[OPEN] Intermediate Scripter For Hire

About Me

Good morning/night, I am Ruikang726 but you can call me Ruikang. I’m a scripter who have been scripting for approximately 2 years and I have knowledge of Python and Lua although I haven’t touched Python in months. I can complete my objectives quite fast and at the same time produce at least an acceptable results especially when I enjoy doing it and I enjoy scripting.


I have only successfully completed a couple of commission but here’s a couple of things that I could make


Meteor Shower Ability

Sonic Blowout

Highly Combustable Gun

Animated Teleporter

Past Work

Datastores for @Dominusemprayus:

An RPG game template for @Dominusemprayus

Things that I could make and do
  • Currencies
  • Weapons(swords, guns)
  • Simulators
  • Tycoons
  • Tweening
  • Day and night systems
  • Traps
  • Animation
  • Teleporters(within a game)
  • Pathfinding
  • Teams
  • Datastores
  • Loading Screens

and more…

Things that I'm not the best at making
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons with trajectory
  • Teleporting(within different games)

and some others…


I am available for around 2-4 hours on weekdays, 3-6 hours on weekends and almost none on Tuesdays and Fridays but of course, that could change since I to have my own things to do in life.


Payments are can be negotiated and can vary depending on the length and difficulty of the script. I only accept Robux payments, I won’t accept any other payment other than those stated. I would like at least 30% of the payment before starting work to avoid scammers.

Note: I do not compensate for any fees found


You can contact me on Discord at Ruikang726#1976

- - I hope to be scripting for you soon, Ruikang726