(OPEN) ItsBenDev - Scripter

Hello! My name is Ben. I am a Roblox scripter & logo creator. I’ve been on Roblox for 4+ years trying to make the biggest impact I possibly can. I am offering my service as a scripter for cheap prices. You can see all of my examples below.

Script Examples

Weekends ➔ 10 AM EST - 6 PM EST
Weekdays ➔ 9 AM EST - 6 PM EST

Scripts ➔ Depends On What Is Needed

Contact me here on the devforum via messages, or on Twitter at twitter.com/ItsBenDev

Thanks for reading & have a good day! :slight_smile:

if you have discord, please contact me at:

I am interested in hiring you!

Mhm, my user is ʌǝpuǝqsʇI Sucks At Names#0893

I am looking for a scripter to help me with my pet system. I need someone to make it so that when you have a certain pet you get a certain boost (Speed, coin, etc.) I want it to be customizable so it is easy to make a new pet, or new boost with relative ease. Can you help me? Dm me if your interested. I only have 400 robux but I hope that will be enough.

dont dm he is a bot check hes profile