[OPEN] JackTyneside - GFX Portfilio

Hi, I’m Jack! I am a graphic designer and render artist. I’ve done graphics for many years and recently started incorporating this skill into Roblox.

Director at Mango Studios
Chairman at BloxGym

Group/Game Icons: Starting 300 :roblox:
Adverts: Starting 500 :roblox:
Thumbnail: Starting 600 :roblox:
Render: Starting 250 :roblox:

  1. You will recieve final image with large watermarks until payment has been recieved, you will then recieve the final outcome.
  2. Prices may vary depending on complexity.
  3. It’s our descretion whether you pay first or at the end.
  4. Any NSFW requests have the right to be denied.
  5. At any point during the process of creating the graphics, we holds the right to cancel at anytime.
  6. No refund policy.

Discord: Mango Studios

These look pretty good but the prices are a tad bit high, great work man!

I appreciate your kind words and I will take this feedback into consideration. :slight_smile: