[OPEN] Jam Ent. Hiring [100k-400k+][$200-$800+] Developers for anime game! (Builders, modelers, scripters, etc)

Hello! We are Jam Entertainment, Jam Ent. for short.

We are a brand new ROBLOX development studio that will make some amazing and creative games on Roblox. The game we are working on at the moment is “anime city” and further descriptions are down below.

To achieve the stage of making games, we are now hiring developers.
We indeed are new, but we are amazing, so if you are hesitating to join our team because of our experience, please, please don’t worry about joining our team.

The Game “Anime City”.

How it works

The game is an anime-based fighting game, which will be called “Anime City” (The game’s name may be changed by suggestions.).
It will be an AFK grinding and a game full of high-quality anime skills.
Lots of people say AFK games are boring and a waste of time, but it’s open-world(as referred to by the name anime “city”), and there are going to be lots of entertainment included in the game, and events.
Concept, organisation

Basic concept

The game will have “ranks” which can be referred to as the idea “rebirth” as players can obtain a new role by giving enough money every time (not resetting the stats). It’s just the concept of rebirth, but rebirth basically is ranks in this game.
After ranking up, their rank will be shown over the player’s avatar.
Players will be able to choose the “anime team” they want. (Eg. my hero academia team, 7 deadly sins team, etc.)
Players can choose whether they want to be a Warrior or a Mage (may add more classes as being updated.). “Hunter” using “gun” has a chance.
There will be magical abilities or quirks that you could choose.
These magical abilities will be referred to as powers.
The map will be huge, open world, and full of cool anime buildings.
The training areas are based on anime buildings as well.
We support having a discord server, and will use it as a communication tool.
There will be sneak peaks (update leaks), info in the Discord server.
Suggest idea channels will be made, players will be able to suggest ideas.


There will be game passes, but we do not advocate pay to win.

The game passes will be like - P.S [all prices in brackets are price without sale]

  • Players have x2 abilities when they are training [each 200-400]
  • Flying faster [200-300]
  • In-game advanced cosmetic [300-800]
  • VIP (separated name tag, 30% in-game shop) (exclusive stuff maybe) [450?]
  • x2 in-game currency [300-500]
  • 2 powers equipable [1500-2000]
  • Own spawn location [2000-3000]
  • Exclusive skills & powers [300-1500]
  • Exclusive training areas before open to public [500-800]
  • Tester rank [100-300]
  • Hide stats [200-500]

The prices are expensive, but it’s not to get profit out of it, but to limit the players that have gamepasses for balance. We’ll try not to make the game pass to OP.

PvP, other events & entertainments

We will support PvP and other entertainments, events in a big way.
There will be clans, and players will be able to join clans, or create one themselves.
Clans will cost in-game money to create.
There will be clans to have clan PvPs, and representation of each clan.
PvPs will also have different game modes such as capture the flag, free for all, clan raids, etc.
You will get points as you play PvPs, and each round you will be able to buy accessories/gear for each game (these reset each round). It is similar to the LoL shop each round. (These points are not able to be purchased, as earned each round)

Each clan will have their territory, and clans will get more land as they will beat bosses of areas, raid other clan’s land for more land.
There will be a clan leader board for how much territory each clan owns.
Bosses will appear as an event, players can compete individually, in teams, or in clans.

We are trying to give players the thought of “this game is full of content, fun” not “I just have to grind to get stronger”, as “fun” is the keyword for this game. It indeed is AFK, but it CAN’T be boring.

We also need an experienced developer who can “lead” the development as a leader and a director. The director may be the head developer.

We are going to improve and plan out further details as we get into the development stage.

Development notices

The training areas will be buildings of anime, and we expect high quality (low poly).


Like our studio is new, we need creative developers to support our game.

We are in need of

Head developer 20% (This position might be spared. Head developer has to be able to both script and build. You might be the director if suitable.)

2-3 Builders - 1 Main 1-2 Assist (Main - 15% Assist - 10%) (one time payout per asset may be available considering circumstances)

2-3 Scripters - 1 Main 1-2 Assist (Main - 15% Assist - 10%) (one time payout per script may be available considering circumstances) (At least one of the scripters has to be capable of doing UI and GUI.)

3D modeler, animator. (One time payout + 1-5% max if required)

GFX, VFX, UI FX, Graphic designer. (One time payout + 1-5% max if required)

Logo/Banner Makers. (One time payout, $10-$30 Maximum, no percentage.) (High quality)


Must be 13+
Can make HIGH QUALITY scripts/buildings/models/animations. (We really expect high quality.)
Able to work at least few hours a day (No need to be full-time)
Experienced with Roblox studio, creating games.
Passionate about the job, creative for making games.
Fluent English skill.
Good team playing skills, communicable.
No toxicity. Friendly & nice.


Now, as you could see from the recruitment, we share the percentage, and we also have one time payouts (there is a bit of a base money).
You are most likely to get paid when the game is out.
We are planning to have an “alpha” and “beta” stage (early access), and it will cost player 25 robux as an early access.
Which will mean you will get still paid when the game is in development. The percentage can be negotiable / discussed.
We expect each developers to at least get paid 100k robux.
Yes, the game might fail, but we can pay minimum 20k in case.


For any inquiries, questions or hiring, please contact Jxmmy#0001 on discord. Thanks for reading and hope we can make a great game together!


I am interested, I have sent a friend request. I would like to be a scripter.

Can’t see the request. Send again to Jxmmy#0001 please?

I sent it, it has Seoarro in it.

I am interested in the role of assistant builder, I have added you (GoldenMSG#2155)

Cant see you in the friend request list

Hello im interested, you can find more info about me on here

I am Interested i sent you a friend request.

Interested. You can add me on discord so I could show my past work. :wink:

Sent a friend request. (nathann#1048). I would like to be a builder. More info about me is right here.

I’m interested to be a assistant builder, If my friend request hasn’t come through my name on discord is

Hey! I’m interested, i sent a friend request (vwomp#8258)

Are u interested in a translator for your game? If interested dm me in discord: Mr.8#7932

Interested to fill the gfx artist position , I’m already in contact wih you :smile:
here is my portfolio : ArdominB | Skilled GFX Artist For HIRE! [Paused , Not available ATM]
Discord : Ay-Men#7917

How much is the animator getting paid?

Hello! I am very interested, add me here on the platform.

I am interested
Discord is:TheUnderatedPotato#5908

I’m interested for the game! You can contact me on Discord or DevForum PM’s - Swiffted#0001

Please add Jxmmy#0001 rather than asking me to add sorry >:D

Please add Jxmmy#0001 rather than asking me to add sorry :slight_smile: