[OPEN] Jam Ent. Now hiring for anime game! [100k-400k+ or $200-800 for project] Builders/Modelers/Animators/UI/etc

Um, I have been receiving DMs from non low poly builders, but I’d only like low poly builders sorry.
I’d be much appreciated if you have experience.

Is the payment going to be on how much earned or you have the amount with you right now?

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Um, we can assure 100k g funds. And 400k+ will depend on our profit.

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So, im not so good at scripting but i am this good at animating. Not english-experienced bcuz this isnt my primary languague. Also you can contact me on disc: ClanShad27#6061

Hi, I’d like to apply for the GFX Designer post.
Sent you a friend request on discord, hope to talk more there.

I’d love to join your team as a UI designer. Not sure if I am professional - but i’d like to work with you. I have some questions to ask about payment, will discuss it in discord. Add me in discord to contract, DevTech#2321 Find every detail about me in my portfolio.

I’m interested for the builder position :slight_smile:

hi im a ui designer if you want to speak more amm me back my name is supermanaymany
i have a really good idea for a anime ui

Would you possibly be looking for a music composer?
If so, DM me jokercom#6387

Just wondering, do you have proof of funds? I would like to see if you actually have the funds or not before applying.

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If it’s still open I’d like to apply for scripter. Kakashi#0001 sent you a friend req already.

We don’t pay upfront when the game is beta

Then how will we know if we’re just working for you to take off with our work with no pay, or legitimately with pay?

I think that this would be a really cool job, but like @bryancololee said, do you have proof of these funds?

I will start paying when the game releases beta, when the game is in dev. Please read what the article says

But we need proof that you have it! You could even just take off with our hard earned work after beta comes, and never pay us.

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I got devs who trust me, and when I do report me. If you are going to be toxic like this then look for another job

@bryancololee is not being toxic, you said that you have 100k in group funds. We are just wondering if you could show us so we know its not a scam.

I don’t have it right now as I’m going to earn is as a process

After you said that it doesn’t seem trust-worthy.
Can you give us any kind of proof of that process you talking about?