[Open] Katato's UI Designing Services

Hi everyone, I’m Katato! I am an 18-year old UI hobbyist from the United States :us:! I’ve been into art my whole life and I recently decided to open up commissions for Roblox UIs. I am also a pre-nursing student :hospital:! I prefer doing cartoon styled UIs and making UIs for Cafes or Simulators.

  1. I will not do refunds since I spend a lot of time creating the UI.
  2. I have the right to raise my prices if your commission is more complicated than the other ones I have done before.
  3. You get 3 small/medium revisions after your commission is done. After that, I charge 1$/350 R$ per revision.
  4. I will not copy UIs from other Roblox games. You can send references but I will never steal another person’s artwork.
  5. You have to give me full payment before I give you your UI. You will have plenty of opportunities to see the progress of the UI with watermarks covering it to make sure nothing is stolen.
  6. I have the right to decline your commission.
  7. If you have a larger order, 1/3rd of the payment has to be made before I start. Refunds are available if I am not able to complete the commission.
    :warning: I do not script or import my UI designs. :warning:

Here are some screenshots of my work from newest to oldest
(Commission) Tasties Cafe Application Center

Wooden Panel

Hand-Drawn Icon Practice #1

(Commission) Mix'd Cafe

(Commission) Burger Queen UI

Honeyz Cafe UI Pack

UI Practice

(Commission)Haus of Hearts UI Pack

Quiz Center

UI Pack #1

My availability varies because I have a job & I’m starting college soon, but I can work at least 2 hours a day. I will most likely be able to do more during my free time but my base goal a day is 2 hours. My timezone is CDT.

I work for 2857R$ or 10 USD an hour. I use a program called Clockify to track my workflow. This is a great option for simpler UI projects, since I can get them done pretty quickly, or even larger projects since the hourly rate will remain the same no matter the complexity.

Full Payment:
My base price for a full game UI is 15k-20k+ Robux or 55-75+ USD. My preferred payment method is CashApp since I am a college student & need money, but I accept payment through group funds or t-shirts (you must pay tax). This pricing is negotiable and it depends on the complexity of the UI & how fast you need it delivered.

Please fill out the following commission form & DM me on discord once you are done: https://forms.gle/QqmaqGc4pnpjdKbh6

:warning: I do not accept percentage as payment :warning:

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: ItsKatato#2907
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Katano is a great UI designer! I asked them for a couple of UI designs (gave them a reference to go by) and they did an exceptional job! They also kept me posted throughout the whole process in case anything needed to be changed. I am more than pleased with he work and I would 100% recommend her. Reasonable prices as well!

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:purple_heart: Update: Commission completed for Haus of Hearts! :purple_heart:

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:purple_heart: Update: New UI example that I created! :purple_heart:


I didn’t really have a big order, but she responded fast and delivered quickly in under a day! Really happy with the product. :smile:

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:purple_heart: Update: Added Honeyz Cafe UI set :purple_heart:

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Can I be honest with you, this is probably the best GUI designs I have seen in my life. You should keep this amazing work up!

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:heart: Update: New Commission for Burger Queen (BQ) :heart:


Looks awesome! Nice job! :smiley:

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Those UIs look awesome! What software do you use to make your UI?

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Thank you, I use Photoshop 2020! :smile:

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:brown_heart: UPDATE: Commission for Mix’d Cafe :brown_heart:

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:brown_heart: UPDATE: I’m practicing drawing icons! Here is a mini UI example :brown_heart:

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:brown_heart: Trying to branch out and try different styles! I normally just go with a cartoony theme, so this is kind of new for me. All icons were made by me! Of course, these would be a higher price than my normal UIs. :brown_heart:

I’m interested in buying a ui pack for my minigames. We just need really simple UI. We don’t need the best of the best. Maybe like BQ?

:brown_heart: UPDATE: Hand-drawn wooden panels :brown_heart:

Very interested! I don’t have a lot of group funds right now, but when I do I will head straight to you and buy your UI designs. Impressive!

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I am very interested! I don’t have a lot of group funds right now, but when I do I will head straight to you and buy your UI designs. Impressive!

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These designs are awesome. Good job to you! If anyone is hiring a UI designer, go for someone like Katato.

Commissions are now open again! Also new prices are up. I am currently going through some medical issues so I can’t work at my IRL job, so I prefer payment in USD through PayPal, but I am still willing to accept Robux through group funds or t shirts (you must pay to cover the tax).