[OPEN] Kelziaa - 2D ARTIST



Your profile picture art is supposed to be like 100 R$ cuz I paid 180 R$ for this: https://twitter.com/LordGu3st/status/1132609909101432833

Rather would hire but very expensive.

Lol, sorry my prices don’t appeal to you, they won’t appeal to everyone but you have no right to tell me how much I should price my art especially as you aren’t doing the art yourself. I charge for the time it takes me to do it and how much work I put into it. Have a good day.


Are you complaining that R$180 is too cheap or too expensive? To me it seems you’re complaining it’s too expensive, but in reality R$180 is very cheap for that logo. You should probably thank @Kelziaa as you paid only .63$USD.

Edit: Why complain about something you paid for and fully agreed to? If you’re so precious about 63 cents, I’m sure you can make your own logo as you clearly make graphics:


Art looks great, I’m going up shoot you a DM!

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I am saying that 180 is good and decent price, I don’t have a digital tablet or knowledge in a program that the person who made my profile picture has. I am saying that 180 is cheap and okay and that her price is lil to expensive. Hope you understand. :slightly_smiling_face:

Peoples prices are not the same like everybody, like SoftGB charges 4k- to 7k for his. It depends on the (complexity). Some people will work for low prices while other’s don’t there! is really no point of saying that the same prices you charge, have’s to be the same like yours…


I can’t when you say something like…


I don’t understand how ‘180 is cheap and okay and that her price is lil to expensive’. You said the price, 180, is cheap and okay, then you said that her prices are ‘lil’ expensive. Please elaborate and this illogical statement.