[OPEN] Knox Northwest High School: Programmer, Architect, Investor

KNW is a school that offers a positive, realistic, and joyful experience. We offer various services, including after-school activities, clubs, and much more.

This year will be our first year of operations, and without developers, we won’t be able to achieve our goals for this year. As the Principal of KNW is it my responsibility to hire developers and investors for KNW.

If you want to become a KNW developer, make sure you include these things in your application:

  • Roblox Username
  • Link to Portfolio

Please read the requirements below.

  • 1+ Years of experience
  • Ability to create and use full creativity
  • Flexible with making adjustments
  • Flexible Schedule
  • 13+ Years of age

Jamaar, R4I6Y