-OPEN-KO project

*About us:
I’m foxy681864 a gfx artist, this is my first project called KO project, this project will be about tycoons you will say, those games are trash
but I want apart from creating a game I want the community of tycoons to stop being insulted, the project will be free there will be no payments, only if we win in the game
-be disciplined example: say if you are leaving or deliver your work on time or with notice
.not be so experienced
.be 13 or older we accept up to 12
in the requirements I will not put so much just hope that they are disipline
@foxy681864- GFX-DEV/Leader of the Project
@Feiffdsd - Builder 1
@ - Builder 2
@username - Scripter
@Strongjohnfgamer - UI Designer

will the percentage after 1 week that the game is released




What is the Percentage amount? Are we gaurented %? What is % for each role?What will the project be about? Why kind of tycoon. I know English isn’t you first langue, but this needs improvement. Uses google translate if you need to.

What does this mean? The title itself also doesn’t make sense.

thanks friend but the percentage will be depends on the commission

if you want to join, it’s only 1 hour of work because it’s a small project

For each role? Put it there. For example:
Builder: @username - 25%

What will the work be? Can you anwser the questions I stated in the first post?

Yes, but now I have it but I will post it soon, but I will also investigate which one is more difficult and which one is easier

and the work will be a tycoon, something easy

What kind? Super hero tycoon, clickbait tycoon? What will it be?

will be of elemental powers, friend

Event of powers tycoon? So basically each tycoon base is a element, for example: fore, right?

yes friend,you guessed everything friend

I’m looking for equipment I have 14 days for the team to be complete

Why only 14 days? It would take longer because you don’t explain well. No offense.

that’s what appears below all the information

A multitude of eminent problems are presented in this recruitment listing, which I shall only partly entail.

• You state that no payments will be provided, expecting your workers to labour for free, as said on the 5th line down, yet you indicate that a payment percentage will be provided? As this contradicts your statement entirely, you will want to be more in depth and open as to what the fixtured payment will be as this is a crucial aspect towards development (ex. Percentages per worker/payments per asset).
• The opening statement seems rather brash as you just downright accuse the reader of hating tycoons, yet inviting them to produce one. This seems rather un-inviting and rather peculiar, which you may wish to alter.
• (Applicable to the two previously mentioned statements) It appears almost rather distinctively that you may require extra attentiveness before publishing digital texts. The 3rd requirement states that the developer must be 13 or older, but can be 12?

I wish no ill-intent towards you or your future, but by regarding the priorly mentioned proposals, I’m almost certain you may uncover developers with greater ease than the current state of this listing.


You should have it in order i would provide, you with a link to help you a little more.

win in what game? The developing game? (sorry if this question looks stupid to you, i’m just confused on which type of game you meant)

Honestly, I think you would gather more people if you did an upfront payment after the work is done. I mean fair enough if you can’t gather enough money together but It would be nice for a wider range of devs. :slight_smile:

the payment as it says will only be if the game has robux, people pay