(OPEN!) Kyy | Lua Programming Portfolio

Background Info

Hey man, I’m Kyy. I’m 16 years old and I’ve been programming Lua for 6 Years now. I’ve been on ROBLOX itself since 2011, then I made my first account in 2012 (yes lol I was a guest for a year, pretty ironic.) But basically I’m here to give you all the chance at having my written code! Thanks for checking it out :slight_smile:

Past Work

Full Games

I was a previous head scripter for the original mano county role play

•Mano County Sheriffs Office• - Roblox

I was a previous scripter for baddie island


I was the owner/head scripter for the mirage

The Mirage - Roblox

Little Projects

Drifting Game


UI Construct V1

UI Construct - Roblox
All UI Constructs are incompleted.

UI Construct V2

Ui Construct V2 - Roblox

UI Construct V3

UI Construct V3 - Roblox

Fling People Simulator (just a joke game)

Fling People Simulator (test) - Roblox

Perlin Noise + math.random + tween service all in 1 unique moving dance floor

Untitled Game - Roblox

The Sunset (showcase)

The Sunset [Showcase] - Roblox


Im able to work everyday on weekends, and from 5-7pm EST on week days (only if i have school.)

Payment Options

(Prices are ALWAYS negotiable.)
I accept USD via Cashapp OR Paypal
I accept ROBUX via shirt purchase (you need to cover tax.)
I accept ROBLOX Limiteds. Value must be = to negotiated price.

Contact Info

Im available via discord; kytin#1000
via email; kytincooper@icloud.com
Or here on developer forum.

Have a good day!