[OPEN] Levitate | Scripter Portfolio


Hello there! I am Levitate, I’m a 16 year old scripter that has been programming for 5 years, I know languages such as C++, C#, HTML, CSS and Lua, I have been scripting on the Roblox platform for around 2 years, I’m very creative and can help innovate your game and also help you with ideas for making your game more unique.


Here are some of my previous jobs that I’ve worked on.

Pet Chemist

Starting with Pet Chemist a game about mixing pets, I never finished working on the game but I did most of the work on it, the game was being worked by only me so it was too much work for just a single person, I also had to do the building, interface, etc so I decided to pursue other things.

Here’s a gif of the egg opening system in the game:

Loading Screen

Here is a loading screen I made for a game I’m working on.

I don’t have much to show right now but I have experience making simulator, tycoon, fps, rpg and more games, I have experience with datastores, currency systems, tweening, scripting uis and more

These are my most recent examples, but once I work on more things I will make sure to add them here!


I have a lot of free time during the day and depending on how much you need me, I can work up to 5 hours a day during weekdays, and 6 hours a day during weekends.


My prices are negotiable, but my starting price is 2,000 Robux in payment per-task or after the job is finished, and I do not accept percentages from games that aren’t finished, I will only do long-term jobs in games that already done for let’s say adding security against exploiters.


You can contact me through here but my preferred method of contact is through discord, my Discord is: Levitate#3657

Thanks for reading all the way to here, hope you have an amazing day! :slightly_smiling_face: