[OPEN] Literally just need some testers to help me out


  • Trolls who join the game, say it/the concept is bad with no actual criticism, insult other testers
  • People who join and don’t say anything
  • People who haven’t read the post and just randomly join the game
  • People who say things that are akin to “this game has only existed for 3 days but why isn’t it a fully fleshed out complete game with tons of content and 0 bugs” or bring up issues that are due to a lack of player count
  • No, I am not paying people, I’m literally just looking for people that have a sliver of free time to help me test the game whenever they want.

Note: The game is now available on all platforms. If you would like to help me test the game on gamepad/Xbox and Mobile, let me know.

I am mainly looking for people to beat the gameplay to death to find BUGS and CORE GAMEPLAY issues. Not people to complain that I don’t have some crazy cool highly detailed map in the game currently.

Hi, I’m Tinfold. I’ve never posted to the Devforums before, but some of you MAY know me if you frequented script builders back in the day.

I encourage you to join the group before adding me:

Anyhow, I’m creating a game with a pretty basic concept. The game is called “Castle Crushers”. Currently, there are two teams - the “Redhearts” and the “Bluehearts”. Each side gets time to build around their “heart” which they must defend, and after this building stage each side must attempt to destroy the other side’s heart using placeable weapons. In the early stages of development, I’m left with very few people that can actually help me test my game.

The description is rather brief, but I promise the game won’t be random garbage.

I need people to test because:

  • I need to know if the game is fun/how to make it more fun
  • I need to hammer out all game-breaking bugs

I am not looking for placevisits from random Devforum people. Please understand that I am looking for people that are willing to occasionally join the game with me to test updates, etc.

If you assist me, I’ll make sure you get some in-game stuff on release.

Completely unrelated - if you are a builder or GFX artist, and you’re good - you should message me. I kinda don’t really have anyone helping me on this game currently. PM for further info

The game:

My roblox user is Tinfold. Feel free to add me! Join the discord to get pinged every time we test! Anyone can help!


I can help test! I also know how to know create simple GFX but I’m not really skilled at it.
Discord: PowerUp#6336 Send you a friend request!

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Bumping for day 2

  • Yesterday you guys helped me a LOT. I fixed TONS of game-breaking issues and listened to all of your feedback and suggestions. Hopefully today I can get even more done, until the game prototype is stable and I can start working on other things.

Final bump for today because I redesigned some core gameplay elements and fixed most game-breaking bugs, and I had to edit the OP because people seem to get the wrong idea/ and or can’t read.

Bump for 4/28/2020:
Yesterday you guys helped me immensely, with amazing suggestions and I managed to fix most gamebreaking bugs and got TONS of really good advice that I will be implementing. If you guys wanna join today I am currently testing, so feel free

Final bump for 4/28/2020
Today you guys gave good feedback! I fixed all the bugs you guys found.
Also, added a 15 second respawn, ragdoll on death, redesigned some of the GUI (wip), and tweaked some things.

For reference, on day 1 the game didn’t work at all! Thank you so much!
I am currently in-game if you guys want to help test. If you want to help in the future, please join the discord group.

Bump for 4/29/2020
I essentially redesigned the game from being Attackers v. Defenders to castle v. castle gameplay upon the suggestion of a few people, and the idea makes a lot of sense and I think it enhances the gameplay quite a bit the way it works now. I am currently testing this out, if you would like to add me and join me in a server. Thank you!

Bump for 4/30/2020
I added full console support! Also, I fixed another slew of bugs, and added a new prototype map. I am currently in a server right now testing if you want to join me. Thank you for the help!

Bump for 5/1/2020

  • Almost all gameplay bugs fixed
  • Made server-client barrier stronger
  • Made trails and particles better
  • Began working on shop/inventory UI and progression

I am currently ingame if anybody would like to help test.

Bump for 5/2/2020

  • Created Castle Shop and “My Stuff” UI which are now partially functional, new end match UI that keeps track of certain statistics and awards you coins, a new cannon model, improvements to client-server interaction code, etc.

I am currently testing if you would like to join.

Final bump for 5/2/2020

  • Fixed cannons not working on mobile, and added console support to the lobby menus
  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added new icons
  • Added new win UI

Bump for 5/3/2020

  • Added detail to the test map, fixed issues with sentries being overpowered, fixed misc bugs
  • Fixed some UI issues
  • Added more icons
  • Edited vehicle buggy model and fixed issue with it being hardly controllable
  • Fixed being able to drive and shoot with the vehicle buggy simultaneously

Final bump for 5/3/2020

  • Severely lessened cannon projectile lag
  • Fixed issues with placing attack structures in mid-air
  • Fixed some gui issues and fixed newfound game-breaking bugs
  • Fixed win UI not displaying if you die before the round ends

I am currently ingame if you would like to join!

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