[OPEN] Localization Services - Portuguese

Roblox is, mover than ever, a growing platform. With more than 150 million monthly active users, the need for localization is essential as many players speak little to no English.

:globe_with_meridians: Why should I localize my game to Portuguese?

According to Ethnologue, Portuguese is 9th most spoken language in the world, with about 258 million speakers in total.

The Portuguese-speaking playerbase, one of the biggest, is formed mostly by teenagers and children. As can be seen on the EF English Proficiency Index, Brazil, the country with the most Portuguese speakers, is ranked at #53 out of 100 countries (classified as low).
This causes players to spend way less time on your game since they probably won’t get what’s happening and, indirectly, affect your revenue and player retention.

:briefcase: Past Experience

This is a list of the games I’ve localizated so far (Last Updated: 2021-09-19T02:00:00Z):

  • LabyMod - Minecraft modification - 4 million registered users

:spiral_calendar: Availability

Until mid September, I’m on school holidays so I’ve got plenty of time.

:moneybag: Payment

The price is :robux_light:45/string. Using the DexEx conversion rate, it’s about $0.16/string.
I accept both Robux and PayPal (preferably).

:wave: About Me

I’m Banner, a 15 year old Portuguese student. I aspire to become a psychologist. I’ve been playing Roblox since 2016. I’ve been learning English for a long time and I use it daily as I primarily browse the Internet in English.

:iphone: Contact

:video_game: Discord: Banner#9919 (Fastest response)
:bird: Twitter: @theonlybanner
:roblox_light: My Roblox Profile
:left_speech_bubble: Contact me here


Thanks for the fast responses and willingness to play through the game with me to ensure the context was correct.

The quality of the translations was excellent, even with the added complication of in-text formatting.

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I hired Banner to translate my game, Obby Creator. He was extremely quick and efficient, and asked me about a few strings he was unsure about. He even played the game afterwards and adjusted some of the strings that didn’t quite make sense.

Overall great service, would recommend to others! :smiley:

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I hired @BannerGamesYT to translate 2 of my games (Blox World Water Park & Plaza). He was great at communicating to ensure the end translations were precise, worked in a very timely manor and his prices are extremely affordable. I’d recommend him and will be using his translation services again in the future.

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Banner has translated 3 of my games(!) and has always been really reliable, proactive in making sure he gets the context of the translations right and also quick to get the job done. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for Portuguese translations! :grinning:

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Did a good job! Thank you for your service!


I’ve updated all my social media and my Roblox username. However, Discord is still the best method to contact me.

All services from now on will be branded as TheOnlyBanner or any equivalent variation.

Had a great experience working with him. Job was done quickly and efficiently. Quality work and great pricing. 10/10 recommend!

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Banner is a great translator, I like to work with him. Good skills and communication! Highly recommend!


Banner recently localized our experience, Funky Friday, to Portuguese. He is very efficient at translations and his rates are more than reasonable. Would recommend him to anyone who is looking to translate to Portuguese.


Banner translated my game, Anime Dimensions, quickly, efficiently and at a very fair rate.
If you want Portuguese translations, I’d highly recommend him.

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My portfolio has been revamped.

  • More summarized information
  • New header image
  • Availability updated
  • Other minor updates

Saved the day fixing Ronopolys Portuguese translation. Did a great job. Very professional. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to translate to Portuguese. :+1:

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