[OPEN] Loddy -UI, Vector, Icon Designer

[UPDATED 5/14/2022]
About my skill:
I have been a digital artist for 5+ years, and I am just now getting into UI commissions for some side cash. I have always designed UI but I am just now taking it seriously. I draw everything by hand on a drawing app, and I can provide proof of that as well.
I have been building for 4 years, I can only build on roblox studio.

What I can do:

  • Draw UI: Frames and buttons
  • Implement UI into ROBLOX
  • Draw Vectors
  • Draw Icons
  • Draw Pet Faces/Decals

What I can’t do:

  • Script
  • 3D Model

Why you should consider Hiring me

  • I am one of the fastest UI designers you can get, being able to complete entire commissions within 1-5 days.

  • My services come with UI implementation, so you don’t need to worry about spending an extra 10k on someone else meanwhile I will do it for free

  • I am 19 which allows me to sign legal contracts

  • I have great time management skills and won’t bail like other developers on ROBLOX

  • I do as many revisions as you want until you are satisfied

  • I am consistently active on discord so you get the fastest responses

  • I am experienced in team management and have been doing it for years now

  • I am very creative and can give input and help guide ideas needed for your game [for UIs ofc]


Open For Vectors and Icons

Open For UIs


Wizards (High Quality)

Save the Robloxians (High Quality)

Pets (High Quality)

Fighting Game (Medium Quality)

Golden UI (Medium Quality)


Encanto (Low Quality)

Turning Red (Low Quality)

Open For Anime Faces


Open For Drawings




Open For Gamepasses

Untitled26_20201103211221 Untitled26_20201103211921


I work on a first come first serve basis which depends on who pays their down payments first. Meaning if you are the 3rd person to send in your down payment, your project won’t be as a priority as the first two people
Commission Slots Available: 1/5


I accept Cashapp, Paypal, Limiteds, occasionally robux and crypto. The way you will pay can be discussed


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:Sushicat
[Animation also made by me]


I’ve done a lot of work with Loddy! Her work is really good and I totally recommend her for anyone looking for someone who is skilled and has great time management skills :slight_smile:


She is very friendly, fast and high skills. I recommend her for anyone looking for a fast and quality worker. (in my case I really love fast developers)


Loddy worked really fast and sent progress images. It’s truly high quality work that is worth her prices! However, after she had finished I found out that I had no way to pay dude to issues on my part and she was understanding. I totally recommend hiring Loddy (just make sure you have the cash to pay! :slight_smile: )

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Now accepting small or long term commissions!

Sent you a friend request on Discord, Upsetioz#0001

Interested about your vectors

Great person to work with, did many revisions till we were both happy with the final result :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have commissioned a lot of people but this one is one of the best experiences I have had so far, fast work, so many revisions like its incredible, I highly recommend ordering from them you will not regret it I know I will order more in future!

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Their vectors quality is really good, they are well at managing deadlines and very respectful to work with, would highly recommend!

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