[OPEN] Looking for a build blueprint maker!


Hello. I am looking for someone to draw me 5-7 map blueprints for my game. I can’t display what it is for too much unless I hire you as it is a secret project. I am a graphic designer myself, although I don’t have experience in creating good blueprints for builds.


  • Must have at least 2-3 years in graphic design, or you’re an intermediate/advanced builder who can create blueprints for your builds.
  • Must be at least 15 years of age.
  • Must be professional and respectful.
  • MUST have a portfolio. Failure to have one sent to me in dms, will result in being ignored.


But each map is supposed to have a section for where some quests will go and a section for something else and another section for something else with npcs. Down below I have placed a picture of what I want the blueprints to look like. It doesn’t have to look excalty like that, just enough where the builder for the game can get an idea of how to build and place everything down.


The maps must look something similar to this.


I will pay per 1 MAP blueprint, so neither of us has the possibility of getting harshly scammed. If you can’t agree with this, please don’t dm me. 500-1500 robux per map.

ROBUX: 6000-7000 Robux is my budget to pay for all of the map blueprints. Although, I would pay more depending on if I need more maps.


Contact me on discord, suqar#0003
Contact me on twitter, @suqarroblox
Contact me on the dev-forum, @suqarrxse

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