{OPEN} Looking for a Builder

Hello! My name Is khalid195! and i was looking to create a small team of game creators and I have successfully secured 2 and I need one more builder if you would like to join feel free to do so!

You will receive 20% of the income of the game.

{Skill sets}

Low - If you’re a new developer then that’s fine! we aim to create an FPS game and if you could do just that would be fine

Intermid - you should be able to make a proper game and guns as well.

Hi - The perfect person to make the game! HI skillset = hi-quality game!
Send me a text on discord BlueMayhem#4140

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is there contact info anywhere so that people could send you their portfolio?

Can you provide us contact so we can give you our portfolio

Might be interested as a part time position, could you send your discord to me? Or should we contact each other in PMs instead.

Also could you tell me what role you leading in this game?

wait a minute did he changed from builder to scripter?

Yah changed my role to a programmer realised programming better suits me then builder I can do both. Don’t really do building for contracts through.

Edit this was about 3 months ago though, not sure why your asking now

I’m interested could you please give us your discord tag so we can contact you? :thinking:

Sorry added one right now! Its at the very bottom!

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Sorry for the confusion i forgot its at the bottom now!

Sent contact info at the bottom sorry for the wait!!

Sorry i forgot i was quite happy about until i forgot the contact info sorry! It should be there now

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