[OPEN] Looking for a Dinosaur animator+rigger

About Us

Hello. We are an upcoming team focused on making an immersive, fun yet advanced Dinosaur game. It’s a team of 5 and we’ve made a lot of progress infact the game is about 70-80% done.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional animator who can rig + animate our dinosaurs. We have about 10 models to be done, the rest are completed. Each dinosaur would need a walk, sit, eat, roar and idle anim. We’d need it in somewhat of a quick manner as we plan on releasing the game within 2-3 weeks. So you’d also be paid if you can do it quick with good quality. We have examples of how we’d like the work to be.

Upon contacting we’d send you examples of our build style and the quality of the anims already done.


We’re offering 1k-1.5k robux per Dinosaur, or 5-6 USD per dino. We also might give you a bonus at the end if your work is really good and your speed is also really good.

Contact Us

You can contact me on discord —> Prav#0001
You must be 14 years or older to apply.
You’re expected to be quite active and have proper communication skills.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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