[OPEN] Looking for a Programmer [10,000 - 100,000 Robux]

About Us

Hi there! I am the owner of ChainLemonade Studios, a story game studio with over 380,000 members currently! I am searching for an experienced programmer who can help raise the quality of our story games!

The Group:

(ChainLemonade Studios - Roblox )

I’m looking to put together a higher quality Story game, more details will be given.

The Job

I need someone who is able to script a very high quality story game all by yourself, meaning all the programming is done by you, and I’ll take care of anything else needed/builds.

What needs to be done:
– debugging / quality check
– Tweening
–Movie-like cutscenes
–interactive items
–NPC rigging

  • and a lot more; honestly, just basically an experienced scripter

Robux [10,000-100,000]
USD [$150 - $$$]

Contact me on disckrd: Join the group diskcrd code /VdxD9scdw5 and message me in DMs from there. I can’t do friend requests as there is too many to keep track.


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