[OPEN] Looking for a talented modeler for a large project!

I’m currently about to start creating a project with IDHAU_GFX called Salon Simulation, which will hope to be a realistic tycoon game with customisable plots of land, the ability to hire employees and manage your business to make it as successful as possible. There will be a big aspect on the financial sides of it, where you will have to keep track of your stock, expenses and water, gas and electric bills. The main goal is to create something similar to Restaurant Tycoon and the tons of other games like it.

However, we are in need of someone to fulfil a modeller position within our team so that we can start on development. You will be required to create multiple items such as furniture, natural plants and trees and different gears for the project, and you will also be able to offer any other assistance to the project that you would like to.

As this is only a project, we will be offering 20% of all revenue once we have released the final product. If it eventually becomes successful, we will be offering a full position on the development team the game will be created under called Simple Simulation which is still a work in progress.

If you want to know any more information on what we intend to do with the project to take it further, please reply to this topic and I will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Also, please note that all applicants should be 13+ and have a Discord Account, and be able to effectively communicate with me and Idhau.

I can’t wait to see a modeller help us out on this exciting project!


Hi there will you be looking for a low poly 3d modeller.

The style of the building will likely be low poly.
So in order to match it, we will be looking for modellers who can do low poly models!

Just for clarification, when you say Low Poly models, are you referring to models with Flat Shading?

Every modeller should (and usually does) use as few polygons as possible while making models - especially for Roblox, and isn’t so much a style as much as a method to improve performance. The shading of the faces, however, is a style choice.

Not to be pedantic, but I’m stating this because there is a huge miscommunication between devs looking for modellers, and the modellers actually doing the work. Asking for “low poly models” is a performance requirement, not a style, and thus causes confusion.


Thank you for clarifying. I was thinking that low-poly was more of a styling choice, and not as such a performance choice. I would imagine that would mean that low-poly models would therefore cause less lag? Am I right in saying so? Modelling isn’t my strong point! :+1:

Then you’re referring to how the model’s faces are shaded flat and with a minimalist (or entirely missing) texture.

For instance, these two objects are the same except the left object is shaded flat and the right is shaded smooth. It’s purely about how the lighting and shadows hit the surfaces of the object, and nothing to do with poly count.

The reason why this distinction is important is because in the example below, the smooth shaded object has significantly fewer sides than the flat shaded one, despite people calling the object with more polygons as “low poly”


I am intrested. DM me astrovibes#8096

Okay, thank you for the clarification!
Your help is well appreciated, as now I have a better understanding of “low poly” when it comes to models.

Do you pay in robux. I wouldn’t reccomend revenue or percentage, it will just make developers not interested.

Hey, @Zealous_Potato is incredible with that stuff! Truly amazing, he’s helped me with my development career and is an amazing 3D modeler/builder. Ask him, he won’t let you down.

What’s the best way to contact him? I may have to take a look into some of his previous work and projects!

Robux isn’t currently available now, this is mostly an enjoyment project, but I have already had someone potentially interested in investing into the game, meaning that once the game is launched and makes steady revenue, I can probably pay you some robux for your efforts if percentages aren’t your thing. :smile:

We talk through discord now and then, ZealousPotato#0502
I’d check out his twitter for some of his work, it’s incredible.

A modeller has been hired for the project!
This position may reopen if our current modeller chooses to leave the team.

I don’t know what you mean that I haven’t considered grammar.

I’m also sure that both modeler and modeller are both correct spellings.

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