[Open] Looking for a very strong Scripter / Coder

The Forge 1.0

The Challenge

We are working to develop very advanced mechanics including cross-server auction house and trading, twitch stream integration, cross-server collective quest, offline passive mechanics, and many concept you will find in single shard MMORPG. (Ex: EVE Online)

In the past 3 weeks, we tested almost 10 scripters and all of them failed. :frowning: If you are up for the challenge, reach us!

Why you should apply

We are looking for a long term member to join our team. We provide weekly PayPal payment with a guaranteed base salary. You won’t waste time with us and a lot of what you will learn using our Microsoft Playfab framework can be use in other engine, including Unreal and Unity. (Hence why this is a much bigger challenge)

The Game

You will be provided with a sandbox to test your skill. You can test it here:

The sandbox doesn’t have any mechanics but include all audio and 3D assets. It also have a base code to show example of API framework integration for crafting, stats and inventory.

Click here for more screenshot

About The Job

We are paying 250$ USD for a test job so you can show us your skill and the way you work. You will be provided documentation for the API and a first framework including inventory, stats and crafting.

The challenge is to finish the map with the following features:

  • One mission flow (Quest giver, mining, crafting, quest completed)
  • Create mineral ore spawning logic
  • Triger audio (voice acting) on the NPC base on the quest progression
  • Animate quest market (Floating effect & state)
  • Mining mechanics (All API integration are in place for drop rate % base on ore type)
  • Crafting mechanics (First set of API integration is already done to convert resources into a recipe)

We are not only evaluating development skill but also quality of your source code documentation, ability to work as a team, creativity and motivation to push this further. We really are looking for a leader.


We are paying 250$ USD via Paypal. Keep in mind Paypal will apply a transaction fees and, depending on your country, may also apply a currency conversion rate.

About our Playfab Stack

Auction house, in-game mailbox system, MMORPG mechanics, and so, so much more…

Our API Stack provide a framework to support Playfab Liveops in various game engine. (Unreal, Unity, Web React, etc…) The framework enable game designer to manage quest, mission, user progression, drop table, crafting mechanics, store system, item schema, item balancing, monster balancing, respawn rate and many other game content and game mechanics in realtime, without having to change or publish the game.

Liveops are cross server and manage all player base, enabling community quest, cross-server auction house, idle mechanics when user are logged off, etc, etc, etc…

Here is a couple of screenshot of the game studio editor for our game:

Click here for more screenshot

Contact Us

Reach me via discord: Anashel#8811

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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