[OPEN] Looking for a weapons and armor 3D modeler

About Us

Hello! We are Skyridge Entertainment, and we are developing a Dungeon Crawler that is based on the Legend of Zelda.

The Team
@ryanisawesome25 - Head Developer/Scripter
@Spekull - 3D Asset Modeler
@raddoob - Animator

About The Job

This job requires you to be able to model many types of weapons, armor, and bows in flat-shaded low-poly style. The weapons would range mostly medieval-type weapons like swords, battle axes, bows, and armors. Here are some examples of the levels of quality needed for this job:
Models shown here were modeled by Steamdriven




We are paying R$500 - 2000 for EACH ASSET made. The price is negotiable and will decrease or increase based on the quality of the model made. (Eg. A basic wooden sword would probably be around 500R$, while a more complex blade would be around 2000R$)

Contact Us

You will be required to show previous work and evidence of the process (To make sure your work is credible, and not snatched off a Unity asset pack for example). I may also ask you to complete a challenge to see if your abilities line up. You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at https://twitter.com/ryanisawesome25
Or preferably send me a message on discord :slight_smile: : ryann#6278

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