[OPEN] Looking for Devs

I can use another UI Designer since the other one was GFX

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If you also were wondering that it needs to be high quality it doesnt matter aslong as you can do it you can do it low-high quality you are accepted

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Do you have any progress on the game so far? like screenshots? also how experienced of a scripter are you?

i would like to be the builder

Discord: mads718m#2429

Hey, are you looking for a terrain designer or an environmental design to help achieve realism? Here is my portfolio if you are interested.


Im down for a logo designer position
Portfolio: Sharkefex’s UI And logo design portfolio [2020] [OPEN]

I only accept robux. read the full post for more info


I also script all the game stuff so yeah

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Can you show me what you can do?

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dunno but i remember scripting on how the game works and previously a mining simulator shop and a game that took 5 hours to make i think so

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I am interested, my discord is DahRock#9499.

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this is just a bump

anyone want the UI Designer Role it is very important for i will now continue making the game

because you will have the job tommorow and alot to do!


If you can show me your work then ill gladly accept your offer i have a huge map that is nealy done that i have been working on. my portfolio is here [COMMS ONLY] SOLo470 | Professional | Builder | Terrain Artist | Map Designer - #20 and my discord is here SOLo470#7214

keep in mind everything is paid in robux or percentage

ill be gone for now

i really really need a ui designer because this is very serious

i’d like to be an animator, if your game is R6
dm me for examples of my work

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game is doing very good progress expert builders very good ui and scripted no lag

animator job is still open :slight_smile: contact me on the forums or discord to get your first task

Hi, I’m interested in animating work. I’m very good at doing all kinds of animations. If you want more information, contact me at discord: ronald_YT # 4379

closed no more animator job is given to someone else

open for a 3d modeler doing very good progress with game code and builds and ui everything is organized!