[OPEN] - Looking for longterm members to work on a Wuxia/Martial Arts game

About Us

Hi there! We are Xianxia Studios, a studio that primarily focuses on making xianxia/wuxia/martial art games.


This is a passion project, so funding is extremely low while we get stuff started!

The Dev Team
@Xxforlife - Owner + Lead Scripter
@Aikido50 (not on devforum) - Game designer
@ZomeDev (not on devforum) - Lead Lore Designer
@Beast Tamer (not on devforum) - Lore Designer
@biglobster (not on devforum) - Modeler
@binkytheslinky (not on devforum) - Modeler
+ a few other members who are not on the dev team, but in other departments.

About The Job

We’re look for three long term members who’d also be interested in the wuxia/xianxia/martial arts genre. We don’t really mind skill level as long as you are ready to learn to further advance your skills while on the team. We will provide the necessary plugins for you guys if needed while on the team. You must be able to vc for an interview, as well as meetings after the interview if accepted!. You must also have past work or a portfolio to present during the interview.

------------- A Builder -----------------

build style


  1. Able to work with Roblox terrain
  2. Ability to work with the modeling department to understand how to use models as well as getting a model tweaked if needed.
  3. Ability to blend models well with the in-game world.
  4. Ability to work with modular building sets, and if needed, create modular building sets.

Job Description

To start off, your first tasks will include creating a blueprint for cities, as well as actually implementing these blueprints once given the go ahead from management.

------------- A Scripter ----------------


  1. Understanding of knit
  2. Understanding of Rojo
  3. Understanding of wally

Job Description

To start off, your first task would be to work on the games combat system.

------------- An Animator -------------
  • The final result of animations must be useable on R15 rigs.
  • Primarily character animations

Job Description

To start off, you first tasks will include making combat animations, and poses related to wuxia cultivation.

General requirements

  1. Ability to VC on discord
  2. Ability to use google classroom to submit a weekly report.
  3. Ability to reach milestones efficiently.
  4. Ability to work well with team members, and not purposely start disputes or arguments for no reason.
  5. able to work well with other departments when needed.


Payment will be determined based on the task completed, Currently, funding is extremely limited so we most likely won’t be able to offer prices other studios would be able to offer.

Contact Us

discord contacts

nazuh#0 - owner
aikido501#0 - Game designer

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