[Open] Looking For Map Builders!

  • About Us
    Hi there! We are Gamepie, an upcoming studio. Myself, as the CEO and the Main Scripter, I have so much experience in Video Games Development and was a staff member in most of the times, I worked on Unreal Engine 4 and more! We’re looking for Modellers and Builders to ReCreate Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege on Roblox which have never been done before!

  • The Team
    @frosty_aqua - Scripter
    @username - Map Builder

  • About The Job
    We are looking for a professional Map Builder to join our team. We’re most importantly looking for quality builds/models. Good communication skills are also appreciated. We also want our developer to be ambitious about the project, so if you feel you relate to these type of games and you’re a modeler/builder don’t hesitate to contact us! :slight_smile:
    The game has currently no progress, due to the fact that I need everything setup to start scripting.
    Also, I will start to make a Main Menu myself as I was an Amateur UI Designer in the past. So I expect we make good progress in a month.
    [Please Note I’m Looking For High But Not Extremely High Poly Amount]

  • Payment
    We can pay via Group Funds depending on the quality of your work.
    We want 2 maps done for Pre-Alpha stage, so 50,000 R$ each map.
    [For Such Amount Of Payment, We Expect TOP Quality And You Must Make The Assets Yourself, Too. We Also Expect You To Finish Before Our Deadline Or Close To It]

  • Contact Us
    You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/DeveloperAQUA
    Or via discord at AQUA#5677
    You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello, I am kinda intrested. Can you please say to us more details, what building style you want or what map genre? (For example I hate doing Sci-Fi maps)

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I’m looking for something like this. You can search up Rainbow Six Siege maps and you will see a lot of stuff. I want them to be perfectly balanced with the actual game and the Roblox version of the game, for example like Phantom Forces, or Counter Blox.House_day

Sure, I’ll do my best as soon as possible! I will make you one map and you will decide if you want more.

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DM me on Discord. Because if you’re thinking you will make a “draft” that won’t be a good idea, as each map is VERY detailed with TONS of assets and it will take you a very long time.

Can you give us a price range for how much you would pay for each map?
I might be interested in this position.

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I don’t follow. What kind of a build style are you looking at? Are you looking for middle ground quality?

Yes you can. That’s not really explaining payment though. What are you offering to your team members? What are the divisions of pay if by percentage or the amount you’re giving to your team per section of work completed? Are you compensating team members if the project flops?

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Sorry! I forgot to mention that I found a builder and the position is taken! My bad!

Position is now available! Please DM me with your top examples, we’re looking for absolute top quality.

I answered all your questions, thank you for giving me a better point of a good explanation.

I can probably say ~40k-50k for each map.

Alright, I’m interested.
I’ve sent you a request on Discord.

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Sorry for opening/closing the position multiple times, the reason behind that is either the quality I thought to be delivered by the builders by looking at the examples wasn’t as we expected, or the builder decided to leave due to real-life circumstances.


I updated age requirement. I hope this makes more people able to do our work! :slight_smile:

I just read your “about the job” section.

Wouldn’t the map builder only build the map, and the gun modeler model the guns? Or is the Map Builder supposed to model the guns as well as build the map?

(Unless you guys already have a Gun Modeler)

My Bad! We already got a gun modeler, I updated the post and forgot to remove that.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Oh, no worries! :slightly_smiling_face:

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