[OPEN] Looking for Professional Scripter 45kR$/150USD

About Me

Hello. My username is Ezmoreth. I’m a long-time modeler with 7 years of modeling experience. I joined Roblox back in April 2009, and have spent thousands of hours playing the game and enjoying the platform. I am currently a Systems Admin and 3D model in my spare time, mostly doing commission work. I am trying to get a small development team going and use my spare time towards making a game of my own. I’m easy to work with, capable, and a fast learner.
My portfolio:

About the Job

I’m currently looking for a professional and capable scripter who has at least 2 years of experience scripting on Roblox.

The game is going to be a first person looter/shooter with realistic models and character movement. Think ARMA 2/3 and all accompanying ARMA mods (DayZ, exile, wasteland, etc.) The game will have several game-modes to choose from, all sharing assets and a map. The game is planned for PC only, with a separate Xbox version coming after PC is released.
For reference: the game will play like apocalypse rising, feel role-play-like, and guns will operate like phantom forces.

Game Asset Photos


Guns (most are WIP)


Character and Accessories (more planned later)

Planned Features

Player controlled land, air, and sea vehicles
Player customization UI
4 types of weapons with more planned in the future
Use of Roblox voxel terrain
In-game cosmetic purchases
One large, detailed, and expansive map
Enemy animal and humanoid AI

Applicant Requirements

All applicants need to be at least 16 years old, willing to sign a contract, capable with scripting, and have a passion for game development.

Scripting Requirements

UI integration
Weapons scripting
Animation integration
Player control script
Player inventory
Player interaction script
Flying vehicles script
Floating Vehicles script
Mounted weapons script
In game store integration
In game currency and AI shopkeepers
AI hostile/passive animals
AI hostile/passive people


Payment is entirely negotiable. I prefer to pay percentage, but am 100% flexible. The scripter position will get around 30% percentage pay, 45k robux, or 150 USD, whatever is preferred. Contract required to work unless you want to get paid per asset. Can discuss in Discord.

Contact Me

You can contact me via Discord: Ezmoreth#9570

You must be 16 years or older to apply.

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You have the right to say that of course. People older than 18 are more experienced and mature than people younger than that.

Of course, if you do change your mind, you can have their parent or guardian sign the contract and it’ll still be legal and all.

Let’s not get off-topic!

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I am still taking applications for this position.

Intressed my discord is HarryMcFlury#8910

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I am still taking applications for this position.

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