[OPEN] Looking for Scripters for a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Game

Hi! My name is SwagMaster5525 and me and a small team have been working on a small Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- type game for about 6 months now, and we’re looking for a new scripter to help bring the project to a beta release!

Currently, most of the team are people on our Discord server, alongside testers who want to try it out and help test for bugs and such. The game currently isn’t out yet, but the server has provided screenshots of how it looks, and I will be providing some screenshots here as well.

About the Game
Jojo’s PPP (Pitter Patter Pop) War-Craft! is a fighting/collecting game based on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series and Jojo’s Pitter-Patter Pop! Jojo’s PPP is a popular Japanese tile matching app, which sees you collecting several Jojo characters and battling them against enemies to reach high scores! We want to bring the fun of that original game and the style into War-Craft!

About the Job
We are looking for a developer to help get the game off its feet and into the hands of people who want to make it better! Currently, we want to allow a hand-selected group of people to test out the game before we actually launch it fully, so the requirements for the job as of now won’t be a whole lot. I’m more looking for a committed partnership, someone who will want to stick with the team for the long run. There is a Discord server to help with translations and advice for the original PPP app, with ~20k people in it. We’re wanting to bring some of those people over to the WC discord server and have them try out WC for themselves!! We have 2 artists, a modeler, and I am the builder, animator, and Head Manager as of right now. The requirements, in the future once the release comes out, will be an event of any size at least every month, which means 1-2 new Units per update, and maybe some UI and bug fixes. That’s all that will really be required at the start, since we already have a builder and artists.

What’s currently needed:
1] Simple GUI system, only a picture to show up
2] Able to code Stands and their abilities

I understand how some developers choose to put different effort in than others, so I can be flexible on prices. Since the game isn’t out yet, I will allow for a flat fee to be paid once all the things for the beta release have been finished. (I have tried to code most of it, it’s not really a whole lot in my eyes, but it could be different for other people). After that, we can discuss how you would want to be paid for continuing to script for WC, once the time comes, but I can pay through either Robux or Paypal.

1] Must be 13 years or older
2] Must have some knowledge of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, in order to smooth out communication
3] Must be able to commit to a partnership
4] Has a discord or some other form of communication.

If you’re interested in this, then please DM me either here or on Discord at:
I will contact you as soon as I can, thank you for reading!

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