[OPEN] Looking for Scripters

About Me

Hi there! I am Spy, I for a while now have been planning on creating a Studio, but one thing or another has always prevented me from doing so. I have even made an icon for it but never gotten around to it.


But now I think its finally time, that is why I am looking for some aspiring developers to help me with this task.

The Team
@spymazeinc - 3D Modeler, Builder, Level Designer, ect,
OPEN: Scripter, Ui Designer,

About The Job

I am looking for people who can work as a team and have a passion for creating games that will bring joy to those who play them. I am looking for people who can work together as a team, and maintain a healthy relationship with one another. I will be working as Modeller, Builder, Map Designer, Animator, and anything else That I can help with.


My plan for payment is as follows, A set % which could change according to how much effort put into the project, as well as bonuses for hard work. I will also be putting what I earn from other modelling jobs to create a backup fund to make sure that even if our games do not take off, everyone will at least get something in return.

Contact Me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord spymazeinc#3940
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading.


I am a UI designer and builder. Here is my portfolio: HDAdminUnofficial's Portfolio

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I am a UI Designer that has been getting into scripting. This is my portfolio:
and I have made games to help me script, I made these games solo.
Thank you!

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