[OPEN] Looking for Skilled Builder/Modeler for Up-Coming SCP Group

[SCPF] Special Contαinment Procedures Foundation

About Us
Hello. I am Vejayta, and we are creating a new and Up-Coming SCPF Group to the Roblox Genre!
We are a group of people who love to see progress throughout our journey.

We are Hiring a Skilled Builder/ Modeler to help Build our Main-Site named Area-55. We are focusing on doing interior first. To apply, you require a portfolio or either work provided in Direct Messages.

You will be working somewhere around Next Month as we have a bit more planning to do for how we are designing it and what we want in it.

What you will be expected to do
As being our Skilled Builder/Modeler we are first doing the inside of Area-55. We will be starting in sections and eventually connecting them into hallways etc.

Expectations we might need

  • Blender Modeling if needed for complicated models.
  • Sections (Read down for more information | more specific and easier worded information in Dms since we have some examples).
  • Doors, containment chambers, etc. Examples in Dms. [If you are familiar with the SCP genre or have worked with one we will consider you over others more.

This is going to be a long-term project meaning you will be payed per month either or, in sections. We plan on doing each Departments area first so we will be paying you each for each section. Your payment will depend on how much you do or based on our instructions. We are looking to pay about 1500-2000 for Each section. So meaning per month since we expect each section to look the best as possible.


  • Must have a portfolio to show me or work through Discord Direct Messages or Under this post.
  • Must know a bit of the SCP genre
  • Has experience with building for 1 year or more.
  • 13 Years or older.

Contact Us
If you think you are up for this job please contact me on the Dev Forum or at Discord Vejayta#1262

Hope to work with you soon!

Could i apply my discord tag is (subbusarabu6644#4092)

Of course, yes.
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I’ll message you.

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