OPEN | Looking for somebody experienced with F3X [2,000-5,000 R$]

Greetings! I am Trophane and I am creating a city game similar to games such as Greenville, Pembroke, and more. Unfortunately I do not own a computer anymore due to it breaking down, so I use an IPad Pro with floating keyboard to do my stuff. I can do almost anything a computer does, exept use studio. Therefor I use the building tool F3X to build my creations in game.


I’d need you to simply join me in game while I build. Maybe keep me company, or even help if you want. But your main job would be to select everything I created in that day and click a button, get the code and insert the code onto studio. That will simply import my creations. This task is easy.


You’ll receive 2,000 Robux upon completion of the project. If you decide to help build, you’ll receive a percentage of the project from 5-10%.


Add me on discord! OfcTrophane#8773

Thanks for reading

Ps: It would be preferred if you’re on EST and can stay up late because I like working at night but if not it’s okay!

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