[OPEN] Looking for someone to make a working substitution board

Looking for someone to create a working substitution board as a gear where you can change the numbers using a GUI.


I’ll pay 5-10 USD for the job depending on how good it is.

Contact Us

Brock Lesnar#3661

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Hello I can do this for you but I have a few TOS to stop people wasting my time and scamming me. These can be found below:

  • I get half the payment before I start to stop you wasting my time by then not paying after.

This is all and I can provide some scripts I have made and some UI’s I made for past work,

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Alright, add me on discord then.

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Hiya, i can help you. My porfolio: ((Open for long term jobs + small) Dibblydubblydoo - Programmer)

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